Exclamation / Question Mark Kicker
Written by BrainPhreeze

Are you sick of those people that continuously use an excessive amount of !/?'s in your channels? Then keep them out with this simple code:

alias max.marks { return 10 } on @*:TEXT:*:#:{ var %mark.codes = $calc($count($1-,$chr(33)) + $count($1-,$chr(63))) if ((%mark.codes > $max.marks) && ($nick isreg #)) { ban # $nick 2 kick # $nick !!!/??? Allowed: $max.marks !!!/??? Used: %mark.codes } }

The above code is simple and effective, you can just copy and paste it into your remotes.

alias allowedcaps { return 70 } ;this alias tells the following script that the maximum !/?'s allowed in a users text is 10. Change the 10 to whatever suits you. on @*:TEXT:*:#:{ ;this event will only trigger in a channel, and only if youre opped in that channel var %mark.codes = $calc($count($1-,$chr(33)) + $count($1-,$chr(63))) ;sets the number of !/?'s used in the text. if ((%mark.codes > $max.marks) && ($nick isreg #)) { ;checks to see if the number of !/?'s used is over the limit, and that the user is not opped ban # $nick 2 kick # $nick !!!/??? Allowed: $max.marks !!!/??? Used: %mark.codes Kick/Bans the user from the channel } }

Now you can keep out those annoying users who continually use an excessive amount of !/?'s, with a few simple lines of coding.

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