Internet/PC Protection
Written by Kintar0

The internet, including IRC, has become a potentially dangerous world. With viruses, trojans, hackers, and IRC can't go at it alone. You need some sort of protection, sometimes the software which came with your system just isn't enough. Here's a list of very useful site links and programs for Windows which can help you protect your internet connection and keep your information safe.

Virus Scanners & Trojan cleaners
Moosoft Trojan Cleaner Directly download Moosoft Trojan Cleaner
AVX Virus Scanner Downloadable Trial, you can still scan after the trial period is over
Home of #nohack Includes lotsa exploits, virus, and trojan information and cleaners
Home of McAfee #1 virus and PC protection software provider online...

Firewalls & Internet Protection
Nuke Nabber Information and protection apps for unpatched systems and exploits
ZoneAlarm Free firewall, which protects you from nukes, icmp floods, and net intrusion...
Conseal PC Firewall Very powerful and useful firewall. Downloadable demo's available
BlackICE A nice firewall, includes many nice options and very customizable...

#irchelp of Efnet Very resourceful site on net security, virus/trojans, IRC, and net related items...

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