Ctcp Flood Protection
Written by Kintar0

Ctcp flood's aren't too dangerous since many servers have built in protection for users but they still can be done and potentially dangerous enough to disconnect you from the server.

ctcp *:*:*: { if (%ctcps == $null) { set -u8 %ctcps 1 | return } else { inc %ctcps } if (%ctcps > 3) { .ignore -u45 $wildsite echo -a Ctcp flood from $wildsite - Ignoring $wildsite for 45 seconds... } }

The code above simple counts the number of ctcp's you recieve within 8 seconds, if that exceeds 3 from the same host, mIRC will auto ignore that host for 45 seconds. You can modify ignore time, ctcp limit, and duration length as you wish. Current settings are at 8 seconds for listen duration, 3 ctcps for ctcp limit, and 45 seconds before the ignore is removed.

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