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  Clan X Suggested Sites

There are many places you can go on the web to find information. A tidbit here, a tidbit there, but ClanX has a different goal. Our goal is to bring you all the important and valuable document links right in one spot. Frequently checked and updated, you will almost never find a dead link. If you do find a dead link, please email us and we will correct it as soon as possible.

mIRC Resource Sites

  • mIRC Homepage
  • IRC-Junkie
  • Acronym Reference
  • Nazaret's Place
  • IRCBeginner

  • Network Sites

  • EFnet IRC Network
  • DALnet IRC Network
  • Undernet IRC Network
  • Starchat IRC Network
  • Galaxynet IRC Network
  • PhishyNet IRC Network
  • NewNet IRC Network
  • OZ IRC Network
  • SorceryNet IRC Network
  • ZUH! IRC Network
  • Beirut Chat Network

    Technical Information Links

  • DCC Resume Protocol
  • Installing IRCD
  • RFC1459
  • CTCP Protocol
  • DCC Protocol
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