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 Eggdrop Resources

Below is a list of eggdrop resources, FAQs, downloads, and places to get personal help on running your very own eggdrop bot on your channel. We will do our best to keep the links up to date and work on providing you one of the most comprehensive eggdrop resources around. If you have any questions, or to report a dead link, please email us and let us know. Enjoy.

Eggdrop related sites:

  • Eggheads.org - A nice site dedicated to eggdrop development and several resources for eggdrop developers.
  • Slennox's Eggdrop Page - A basic user maintained site that contains information about eggdrops and how to find good shell accounts and what you expect to pay for them.
  • IRC Botservice - This site provides free bot services on a number of networks. They service much of the bigger networks and provide user friendly scripts for them.

Eggdrop IRCD Shells:

You need to purchase an eggdrop shell account to run your very own eggdrop bot. These accounts are nothing but actual Linux/Unix computer account that allows you to run background processes 24/7 which is what eggdrop bots need to maintain an IRC channel for that time. After getting the account on the remote computer, you then download an eggdrop file and install it on the account. This process is outlined in the links listed above on the multiple websites.

Eggdrop File Downloads:

TCL Sites:

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